Firstly, The Australian Government has set a ruling stating that Non-Residents / Foreigners can only buy Off-The-Plan Properties, Foreigners are not allowed to buy Sub-sale or Second hand properties in the Market. Hence, because of this ruling, it also means that Foreigners can only sell their properties to Local Citizens or PRs (Permanent Residents). By doing so, The Australian Government manages to reduce speculation on their property price. Median price of the Property market in general actually follows the population growth of the nation very closely.


Q. What is Off-The-Plan?
A. Buying an apartment off-the-plan means signing a contract to purchase an apartment that is yet to be built. You can view the design and building plans but there is no physical property to see or inspection.


Q. Can i buy completed project instead of Off-The-Plan?
A. Foreigners can only purchase Off-the-plan. Only those holding Australia Permanent Resident status can buy completed projects.


Q. Property Financing
A. 70%. We can arrange banker to contact you. For Loans, we strongly advice clients to apply through an Australian Bank as it offers the highest loan Margin (up to 70% loan), Ageless tenure (30 years) & Lots of Tax deductibles.


Q. Do i have to travel to Melbourne to do the signing?
A. Everything can be done in Malaysia. Talk to our friendly representative who will guide you on the procedures. 


Q. Buying procedures?
A. Everything can be done in Malaysia. For an in depth procedure, Talk to our friendly representative who will guide you on the procedures. 


Steps to purchase simplified

Q. What is a Stacker?
A. Example of stacker system. 
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Q. How to check the distance of a project to a particular destination eg University
A. You may visit Google Maps and type in the location to check the distance

Google maps